The Worst Mindset to Approach Rebuilding Credit

Jun 1, 2022

No one likes 30% interest.

It’s costly.

Even demoralizing.

But if that’s what you’re being offered – there’s a reason:

Your credit is bad and you need to rebuild it.

Here’s what most people say when this happens:

“I’m going to wait until my credit is better a year from now”

We have to be honest with you – you can’t follow the crowd on this one and expect to get out of the situation you’re in.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes”

The fastest way to rebuild your credit and get into lower interest rates is to tackle the challenge head-on!

We’re not saying this because we want you to apply with us.

We’re saying this because it’s a well-known fact.

Making consistent payments on an installment loan (typically for financing a vehicle) builds good will and trust with lenders. The more good will and trust you have with them, the less they will ask from you in return for lending you money.

If you wait another year to apply for an installment loan, you’ll be still asked to pay high-interest then.

Also, consider what you’re driving today. If it’s depreciated, it’ll be costing you a lot of money in the next year.

You might as well have the same costs for the next year, have a better vehicle, and have a head-start on rebuilding your credit!

So, take action! You might feel uneasy, but until you start taking charge of your credit, it will just have charge over you!

Contact us and we’ll make it happen together.