Three Steps from No Credit to Prime in 18 months

Imagine, being able to walk confidently, purchasing a nice luxurious car or truck, and know that the financing will go through without a hitch. Or being able to negotiate a lower interest rate with a bank or mortgage broker’s office and being able to afford the payments on a new place, instead of renting! But… […]

The Worst Mindset to Approach Rebuilding Credit

No one likes 30% interest. It’s costly. Even demoralizing. But if that’s what you’re being offered – there’s a reason: Your credit is bad and you need to rebuild it. Here’s what most people say when this happens: “I’m going to wait until my credit is better a year from now” We have to be […]

The Best Type of Vehicle to Rebuild Credit

Some people make the mistake of choosing the older, more affordable cars to rebuild their credit. It’s not wrong, in fact – it makes sense! You’ll pay less interest on $10,000 than you would on $20,000 But here’s where things can go sour: That cheaper vehicle is less reliable. There is a stronger likelihood that […]

Biggest Myth About Rebuilding Credit with a Vehicle Loan

I’ll end up paying for my car three times at this interest rate! It’s true – if you had to pay it over 4 or 5 years… But imagine being able to build your credit and not have to pay all that money in interest charges! A lot of people hold off on getting a […]

Why Work With Alberta Car Guys?

Buying a car today generally looks the same as it did 50 years ago. Obviously, there’s different technology, different prices, and so on, but while we’ve literally re-engineered society with things like social media, Amazon, Über, Airbnb… We wonder if the old model of buying a car will even exist in 5-10 years. More on […]